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Reading Ranger has been providing free summer reading programs,  tutoring for all ages, curriculum development and workshops for teachers and parents interested in Literature Circles, Reading Intervention, Literacy and Englsih Language skills since its beginning in 1991.

Mrs. Terri Roberts is a certified Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher with 32+ years of teaching/coaching experience in the classroom. She has taught at all levels and has extensive skill in working with students at Title I schools, closing the gap in reading skills. 

She also has taught English as a Second Language to both children and adults, providing "hands-on" as well as literacy skills leading to further education and  job placement.


These classes are focused on learning the letters and correct sound production, high frequency words, and working with print skills (what to notice about print), as well as beginning writing skills.

CHILD  / AGES 6 – 13
This series of lessons focus on breaking down words, building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. It also delves into strategies for testing.


This level begins with reading assessments focusing more on acquiring more sophisticated vocabulary and critical reading skills for the more advanced reader.with unresolved reading issues.


This course is a one-on-one opportunity to help adult non-readers and Language Learners master reading and literacy skills for career and further education readiness.